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We have reached the end of our journey. Thank you for riding with us.

Listed below are your receipts. Listen and share as you will.

This blog will no longer be maintained, but will stay alive acting as the main archive for WEREWOLVES.


LAST TIME ATLAS OF THE WORLD Live at Pianos, NYC bootleg is no longer available. CD-R Quantity Pressed: 50 copies. Self released

ES is available thru most digital retailers. 2×7″ vinyl is still available in super limited quantity here and here. Vinyl Quantity Pressed: 500 copies

Fire/Water is available thru most digital retailers. 7″ gray-marble vinyl is no longer available. Vinyl Quantity Pressed: 500 copies

Dance Raincoat Glass is available thru most digital retailers. 12″ white jacket bootleg is no longer available. Vinyl Quantity Pressed: 300 copies

POST-WEREWOLVES material has so far been released thru HEALING LIGHT RECORDS and YES & NO RECORDINGS.



Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow), Catch Bar (London), Le Pop In (Paris), Bull and Gate (London), The Buffalo Bar (London), The Musician (Leicester), Maddens Bridge Bar (Bundoran, IRE), 10 Feet Tall (Cardiff), Trash (Leeds), Bar Pure (Sunderland), Sheffield Academy (Sheffield), St. James Wine Vault (Bath), Fuse (Manchester), Toft (Manchester), Unknown Warehouse (Salford?Manchester?), Dr. Browns (Middlesborough), The Harley (Sheffield), Echo Curio (Los Angeles, CA), California Institute for Abnormal Arts (Los Angeles, CA), Spaceland (Los Angeles, CA), The Mime School (Los Angeles, CA) Club Moscow (Los Angeles, CA), The Casbah (San Diego, CA), Mai’s Café (Ventura, CA), The Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA), The Know (Portland, OR), 8th St. Tap Room (Lawrence, KS), Box Awesome (Lincoln, NE), Lemmons (St. Louis, MO), Mixtapes (East Moline, IL),  All Asia (Cambridge, MA), Cousin Larry’s (Danbury, CT), Café Nine (New Haven, CT), The Monkey House (Burlington, VT), Ralph’s Diner (Worcester, MA), Sauced (Oklahoma City, OK), Red House Lounge (Austin, TX), Atomic Cantina (Albuquerque, NM), The Launchpad (Albuquerque, NM), Last Exit (Tempe, AZ), Yucca Tap Room (Tempe, AZ), Matinee Cleveland (Cleveland, OH), R5 Records (Sacremento, CA), The Walnut Room (Denver, CO), Danger Danger Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY), Cake Shop (New York, NY), Glasslands Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Market Hotel (Brooklyn, NY), Don Pedros (Brooklyn, NY), Pianos (New York, NY), The Delancey (New York, NY), Mercury Lounge (New York, NY), Southpaw (Brooklyn, NY), Spike Hill (Brooklyn, NY), Frost Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Shea Stadium (Brooklyn, NY), Public Assembly (Brooklyn, NY), Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn, NY), Crash Mansion (New York, NY), Fat Baby (New York, NY), Lit Lounge (New York, NY), East River Bar (Brooklyn, NY), Vanishing Point (Brooklyn, NY), Trash Bar (Brooklyn, NY), Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn, NY), Wreck Room (Brooklyn, NY), Sputnik (Brooklyn, NY), Asbury Lanes (Asbury Park, NJ), The Saint (Asbury Park, NJ), Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts (Long Branch, NJ), Brighton Bar (Long Branch, NJ), The Wonder Bar (Asbury Park, NJ), The Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ)

THANK YOU: BNS Sessions, PWD Records, Cargo Records and anyone who ever let us crash on their floor.

“And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make.”


VUU Collective, More Performances

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Margo Dooney,,, such a dear friend of ours and a great visual artist on the ups / who has worked with us on stuff since the ES 2×7″ in 2008. We are giving her and Michael Matyus a virtual high-five for the work they put together, which you can view as Issue #1 online here:




Yes + No will be releasing a flow of downloads in the next few months. Technicolor Yawn, Frozen Warnings, F. and hopefully some releases by friends in outer circles. A lot of positive stuff is coming our way. Listen and donate if you dig. We are also looking for any video footage you have of any BNS related artists. You can get at us through the comment section 😉

there will be some Technicolor Yawn and F. dates around the new year:

December 30 - The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ - get tickets here
January 8 - Bands On a Budget Office - Asbury Park, NJ - free / all ages / 7pm
*January 12 - Northeast Kingdom Den - Brooklyn, NY - free / 9pm




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to be released NOVEMBER 22 digitally


the word came straight from Kid Sunshine…

“Cargo, those lovely lads and distributors in London, will be releasing “Dance Raincoat Glass” as a Digital Download and it will be available on Monday the 22nd of November via Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Limewire, HMV, HMV Japan, Emusic, Last FM, and Virign Megastore France.”

it has certainly been a long wait. 2 years , several labels and hundreds of bootlegs later… we bring you :



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got into portland last night at the eleventh hour. set last night felt really good. I kept things short and restrained, compared to some other shows which were pretty fucking loose and wild in the frequency spectrum. currently at marshall’s. he is contributing some visuals to the rest of the performances I will be doing this year on the west coast and east coast. it’s uncomfortably cold right now , normal NW shit , just damp and gray. this is the condition that keeps me inside, creating. going more far out. rain and limited sun only encourages me to tread further through the inside / “to go far out sometimes you gotta go far in” / last night I dreamed of equal collaborations and teaching love and peace. we have to start refusing what is killing us and wholly embracing a sustainable life together. that will happen soon- so prepare yourself. yesterday in north cali I listened to the trees. every tree has  a different tone and a different rhythm. they all speak softly and you must listen very hard. redwood trees have a lot to say- they are old and wise and can teach you so much. being in the presence of and acknowledging these other living things- that is the connection- you can carry it with you if you’d like- every time you smile at someone else you pass it on


what inspires you? what keeps you going? what colors do you want others to see?

what is your way of spreading love? teaching and practicing peace?

how do you practice selflessness on the day to day?

what is a great way to get started in bettering your community?

touring can be exhausting and frustrating and depressing. it’s true. sometimes it takes a lot to be the bigger person and not let the little things affect you and those around you. you have to remain calm and cool. take everything as it comes and dance to god’s rhythm.


this list will be updated – several shows to be added on the east coast for the month of December.

November 12 – Olympia, WA – Le Voyeur (21+)

November 13 – Seattle, WA – Full Tilt Ice Cream (all ages fun – Columbia City /5041 Rainier Ave S)

November 20 – Los Angeles, CA – Spider Problem record release! – The Mime School (1840 Glendale Ave) *WEREWOLVES DJ set

November 21 – Los Angeles, CA – Spaceland (21+) *WEREWOLVES

December 30 – Asbury Park, NJ – The Saint (18+)

December 31 – New Brunswick, NJ – The Loft (all ages) – info posted closer to show


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show in SF was great. 2/5 of werewolves playing onstage with the art of shooting for the last bit of the show. feelin’ it. tonight is portland .. again excited just to be. have you seen this?

charlie was explaining/drawing this for me a while back and I guess it was pushed back into the archives. really thinking about it again. my mind is sputtering staring out a window into the rainy northern california morning.


all in digital

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TAPE/DIGITAL ALBUM COMING SOON}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


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CIRCA 09.01.2009

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00:00 Werewolves on BTR Live Studio
00:51 Interview Part 1
03:15 Kissing Alice
07:15 If You Take Too Long
11:00 Interview Part 2
13:20 Hannah
16:35 Interview Part 3 (The story of Dora Gerson)
17:24 Dora Gerson
19:49 Interview Part 4 (The story of Christa Paffgen Head Injury)
20:32 Christa Paffgen Head Injury
25:30 interview Part 5
27:20 Radiant Boy
30:15 Faggot Blues
32:35 Interview Part 6
36:00 Spiritual Hustler
42:14 Shoutout Banter
UPDATE: thanks to lottie from BTR for sending me a link to the audio