W E R E W O L V E S } I N T E R N A T I O N A L

CIRCA 09.01.2009

Posted in Uncategorized by beautiful intentions on 2010/10/16


00:00 Werewolves on BTR Live Studio
00:51 Interview Part 1
03:15 Kissing Alice
07:15 If You Take Too Long
11:00 Interview Part 2
13:20 Hannah
16:35 Interview Part 3 (The story of Dora Gerson)
17:24 Dora Gerson
19:49 Interview Part 4 (The story of Christa Paffgen Head Injury)
20:32 Christa Paffgen Head Injury
25:30 interview Part 5
27:20 Radiant Boy
30:15 Faggot Blues
32:35 Interview Part 6
36:00 Spiritual Hustler
42:14 Shoutout Banter
UPDATE: thanks to lottie from BTR for sending me a link to the audio

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