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to be released NOVEMBER 22 digitally


the word came straight from Kid Sunshine…

“Cargo, those lovely lads and distributors in London, will be releasing “Dance Raincoat Glass” as a Digital Download and it will be available on Monday the 22nd of November via Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Limewire, HMV, HMV Japan, Emusic, Last FM, and Virign Megastore France.”

it has certainly been a long wait. 2 years , several labels and hundreds of bootlegs later… we bring you :



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got into portland last night at the eleventh hour. set last night felt really good. I kept things short and restrained, compared to some other shows which were pretty fucking loose and wild in the frequency spectrum. currently at marshall’s. he is contributing some visuals to the rest of the performances I will be doing this year on the west coast and east coast. it’s uncomfortably cold right now , normal NW shit , just damp and gray. this is the condition that keeps me inside, creating. going more far out. rain and limited sun only encourages me to tread further through the inside / “to go far out sometimes you gotta go far in” / last night I dreamed of equal collaborations and teaching love and peace. we have to start refusing what is killing us and wholly embracing a sustainable life together. that will happen soon- so prepare yourself. yesterday in north cali I listened to the trees. every tree hasĀ  a different tone and a different rhythm. they all speak softly and you must listen very hard. redwood trees have a lot to say- they are old and wise and can teach you so much. being in the presence of and acknowledging these other living things- that is the connection- you can carry it with you if you’d like- every time you smile at someone else you pass it on


what inspires you? what keeps you going? what colors do you want others to see?

what is your way of spreading love? teaching and practicing peace?

how do you practice selflessness on the day to day?

what is a great way to get started in bettering your community?

touring can be exhausting and frustrating and depressing. it’s true. sometimes it takes a lot to be the bigger person and not let the little things affect you and those around you. you have to remain calm and cool. take everything as it comes and dance to god’s rhythm.


this list will be updated – several shows to be added on the east coast for the month of December.

November 12 – Olympia, WA – Le Voyeur (21+)

November 13 – Seattle, WA – Full Tilt Ice Cream (all ages fun – Columbia City /5041 Rainier Ave S)

November 20 – Los Angeles, CA – Spider Problem record release! – The Mime School (1840 Glendale Ave) *WEREWOLVES DJ set

November 21 – Los Angeles, CA – Spaceland (21+) *WEREWOLVES

December 30 – Asbury Park, NJ – The Saint (18+)

December 31 – New Brunswick, NJ – The Loft (all ages) – info posted closer to show


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show in SF was great. 2/5 of werewolves playing onstage with the art of shooting for the last bit of the show. feelin’ it. tonight is portland .. again excited just to be. have you seen this?

charlie was explaining/drawing this for me a while back and I guess it was pushed back into the archives. really thinking about it again. my mind is sputtering staring out a window into the rainy northern california morning.