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remember (walking in the sand)

Posted in Uncategorized by beautiful intentions on 2009/09/08


things are crazy. (that’s for sure)

we got to record some stuff on tour that we are now mixing/compiling for a digital (maybe physical) EP called ‘Fuck Music’. so far it is moving slow. we’ll post some shit as soon as we get it together.
other news? working on getting the beautiful vinyl copies of ‘DANCE RAINCOAT GLASS’ out of shawn’s apartment and onto your record player. we’ll keep you updated on that as well…. trying to get some paypal links up here so anyone can get a copy- fortunately/unfortunately none of us have credit cards

cole made a nice vid. here’s what he said: ” thought I’d pass on this little video I made yesterday… a tour scrapbook of sorts, NYC love letter, editing together all those little cellphone clips we took.”
– forest fire as the soundtrack- (definitely the most listened to album of tour)

our friends Winston Like That put their new album online for free.
grab it here: http://www.archive.org/details/WinstonLikeThat…PlayTheBigFifty

I (brian) will be playing this thursday night (9/10) in the basement of northeast kingdom (in brooklyn) with vin (soft black), sara (natureboy), frank hoier, and some other peeps. should be a really nice time.

“the time tomorrow, where will we be?”