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free download/stream of our new album:


[p.s. “DORA GERSON” mp3 fixed!! If you downloaded this track from archive.org before today’s date (7/29) PLEASE download the new file to ensure that you have the full track. we’re working on getting the ogg file back too for all you nerds]

here’s a live vid from a recent show (7/23) with Soft Black, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Eyes, and Jesus Is Angry at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY.

July Wrap-UP

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basically what happened was our van broke down 30 miles outside of phoenix for our show that was happening in tempe, arizona. we got our van towed to the show and played anyway. we sat around for a few days afterwards wondering what the fuck to do, as it was the fourth of july and none of the mechanics wanted to work on our van. by time monday rolled around we realized how far away we were from the other shows in distance and time. we also realized how much money we didn’t have, so the decision had to be made. our gear is still with our very nice friend in tempe, our van will be ready in two weeks. our next show will be JULY 23rd in brooklyn, new york at DEATH BY AUDIO (a very great diy/all ages venue operated by and for artists). other bands sharing the bill with us that night will be SHILPA RAY & HER HAPPY HOOKERS, SOFT BLACK, EYES. eyes are particularly really fucking far out and great. we had the chance to play a show with them at their venue/record store in east moline, illinois (the shop is called MIXTAPES, it is super) and they are fun peeps.


rachel in cleveland, eyes & in east moline, some punks in st. louis, wonderful kids in lincoln, burroughs in lawrence, taylor’s friends in colorado, margy pepper in olympia, ben’s friend in portland, the beach near san francisco, ben’s grandparents in ventura, vin’s friend in san diego, PC in tempe.

austin, houston, new orleans, alabama, raleigh, DC, CT. we’ll see you sooner than you think.

we have created a sort of stamp of approval for everything we put out (all projects outside of werewolves, but related to, included). this image is below.


starting right fucking now we will be putting all of our music online, for free, for you to hear & share, the way it should be. our physical releases will be limited and will be available at certain record shops (independent) and at our shows.



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